Build, Manage & Command to Survive

Prepare your base and hired staff to help protect local population against disease and anarchy. Watch out for caves and sky for closing apocalypse.


Stay tuned for feature reveals during this spring. Been practicing procedural 3d modeling in Houdini to generate detailed urban enviroments time saving ways. Aiming for higher graphical quality since got in Quixel Partner-program.  8th February 2019


Explore Vast Hostile World


Hide in Mysterious Caves


Always Experimenting

WLA: Safeguard is a next step from my earlier ambitious work WLA Amalgamation* mod for popular bohemian military game.  Been practicing to create large scale dynamic game consept since 2011 and finally started my dream during summer 2015. Have been creating own game from stracth using the latest Unreal Engine 4.


*Also known as Whole Lotta Altis 

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